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Lake County Mothers of Twins Club, Inc.

LCMOTC Resale: Pre-Shopping

  • 8 Mar 2024
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Round Lake Beach Cultural and Civic Center

Yes, you saw that right!
It's the  Pre-Shopping  the night before the Resale!

  All LCMOTC members and sellers are invited to shop our epic children's resale event the evening before the general public!

⚠️ There are five groups for Friday shopping, starting at approximately 8:00 PM (official times to be posted in this event on the day of pre-shopping):
• Group 1: Resale Committee (20 minutes)
• Group 2: 12-Hour Volunteers + LCMOTC Board Members (15 minutes)
• Group 3: 8-Hour Volunteers (15 minutes)
• Group 4: 2-Hour Volunteers (5 minutes)
• Group 5: Remaining sellers, LCMOTC members, MOI members, Friends & Family (1 per member/seller, $2 cash / $2.50 credit admission, can return on Saturday for free with hand stamp)

You may shop until 10:00 PM on Friday night, regardless of shopping group.

  LCMOTC membership must be current in order to shop as a member, committee member, or board member.

 ️ All LCMOTC members are allowed to shop on Friday evening in their assigned Group, for free.
Each member and seller is allowed one Friends & Family pass, to be used by a non-member by mentioning the member’s name at the door;
Friends & Family pay a $2 cash / $2.50 credit admission fee.

Non-selling, non-member volunteers may shop as a guest of a member or seller, but do not have a dedicated shopping group.

Spouses/partners/children (under age 18) may shop with the member in their shopping group; they only need to wait for Group 5 if they are shopping independently of the member.

   Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult while shopping.

  A laundry basket or bag to carry items while shopping, or LCMOTC provides large bags. No strollers or wagons are allowed.

  Cash for admission and Bake Sale only.

  At least 2 personal checks or a credit card (small fee applies for credit card purchases). Separate checks are needed for the main cashier and large equipment areas. No business checks will be accepted.
Any non-members paying by check will need to show a drivers license.
No cash boxes are available on Friday night, other than for admission or the bake sale.

Note that we do not accept checks from shoppers on Saturday.

  Your donations for the Bake Sale to drop off at Ellen's Bake Sale table!

  We're looking forward to seeing you Friday night at the Pre-Shopping!


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